Cowries Conversion: Failed Transfer Transaction. Apologies to All Affected & The Way Forward

naira naija cowries conversion

I write this with great regret to inform everyone who is expecting to have been alerted having filed withdrawal request yesterday.

You all would normally know that our withdrawal request comes at night and at the same time; around 2a.m till 3a.m, I try to transfer such monies to everyone’s account, and true to my nature, I did same again today but I was met with utter failure. My account is currently restricted from performing any transaction of such.

To this end, I appeal to everyone who, in one way or another, is affected by this and hoping to have used the same money to meet a task or two to please pardon my inefficiency. This has only taught me one thing: I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket, or should I say bank?

As it currently stands, finding an alternative to be able to rectify this anomaly has been a task for me, but like always, I will always push through for you all. I have scheduled a meeting with my Account Manager so we can talk this through and lift the restriction on the account as soon as possible. But I am sorry to inform this can only be done tomorrow when banks are open for business.

I crave your understanding on this matter, and give you FULL assurance that your monies would be paid without defaulting from my end.


Like I earlier said, this situation has taught me a lesson and part of that is to get an alternative. The alternative I have decided to settle for now is OPay. With OPay, I can easily make transfer to everyone’s bank accounts with even lesser charges and the same can also carry our site’s name and description rather than the personal account our Sterling Bank description gives.

I will update you all as this issue goes.

Do have a splendid time ahead, all. And thank you for your always been there for us.

God bless!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, Ernest. Trust me, they mean a whole lot to me.

      I haven’t really been myself since 3a.m when I confirmed the transfer wasn’t going to push through. I have had series of headache since then but I had to face reality so I can know what next step to take.

      Believe me, it is because of everyone of you that I garner strength to pull through whatever comes at me. You all are enough inspiration for me not to quit. Ever!

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