Cowries Conversion Payment Notice

naira naija cowries conversion

Beautiful day to you all,

I am glad to inform you that today is the conversion day for cowries for this week; also marking for this month.

Sequel to my last notice/post found here, I explained that henceforth, ALL DAE cowries conversion/payment now occur once a month; on the 25th of each month as against what we currently have. This will give us enough time to pay everyone their earnings’ worth easily.


Like I mentioned earlier, the new payment schedule helps us pay you your earnings’ worth; but how?

When we were paying weekly, we pay by what you had in excess of the minimum threshold at 15,000 cowries and further 5,000 cowries. This means that you can withdraw 15k cowries or 20k, 25k, 30k, 35k or more. But if you have 17k cowries, we were only able to pay for the 15k cowries; leaving a balance of 2k cowries in your account. With this new payment schedule, we will pay you everything in your cowries wallet to the kobo; in as much as it is equal to or greater than the minimum 15k cowries balance. This means if you have 42k cowries in your balance; as an example, we will pay you everything in your wallet. But note that this only happens once now: Every 25th of every month.

Furthermore, we will not accept withdrawal requests again for DAE earnings. Once it’s 25th of every month, we will automatically pay you your earnings worth based on what you have in your account as at 11:59pm of every 25th of every month. I hope this is clear enough, though.

It should also be noted that this new payment schedule does not affect anyone who refers users to our site. You can start withdrawing anytime of your choice immediately you meet up with the N1,500 minimum payment threshold. You can also request to be paid daily; provided you have the minimum balance in your account.

I trust this should come as a respite of some sort to many users here, even as I am glad to inform you that we will add an extra 10k cowries to five users who have the highest cowries balance as at payment time of every 25th of every month. So gear up to see this as a sort of competition of some sort.

I wish you the best time ahead, surfing through our community.

Have fun!

I remain,

Daniels, Abiodun Olumide.

Admin & Founder,

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