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  • Please Help Look Into This Family Issue (I'm Loosing My Mind)

  • Chamyzee

    May 18, 2020 at 12:58 am

    Please don’t read and pass, also Pardon all my typo, I’m typing out of duress.

    I am from a family of six, 3 girls, 1 boy including my parents.
    I had a horrible childhood experience, My Mum (no thanks to her) was something I can’t quantify, I can’t start writing every of the things she did and I can’t say If the religion she practiced contributed largely to the devilish attitude she put up while growing up.

    My mum has no good record anywhere, in the church, with the neighbours, with her siblings, we the children, her in laws and even at work, She was always at war with people, if she dreams that someone was trying to attack her in the dream, if she sees the person the following day, she was ready to attack the person.

    Also, she would curse her children at any slightest provocation and leave only my brother out(last born and spoilt), She doesn’t have any good relationship with her siblings and won’t allow my dad visit his family member, I remembered them (Mum and dad) always saying this (don’t be unequally yoked together with unbelievers). To them anyone who isn’t a Christian (deeper life) is not supposed to be associated with.. My dad on countless occasion will call his mum a witch just because she was a Muslim and one of the oloyes of allasalatu(Muslims will understand this) and had nothing to do with his family members.

    This went on and on like this until my elder sister moved out of the house and in the process of trying to find her feet, she got pregnant and my mom practically tormented her life, she later got married to the man, and for that act alone, she’s always at logger heads with my sister and her husband..

    Later, I got married and then my younger sister followed suit, leaving my dad, herself and my younger brother (whom I have disowned).

    Ever since the three of us got happily married, and left the home, my dad slipped into severe depression. Although he has been depressed given lots of things he encountered, job loss, no social interaction, unforgiveness amongst others, it became severe when all his female children left, then from severe depressgion, he started having mental issues, he would wake up and leave the house talking to himself, or start preaching and going out of point with anyone he finds on the street, sometimes he would leave and come home at night, my younger brother who is supposed to comfort and help him, treats him with disdain, my mum who is supposed to check mate his excesses would leave him to his folly and now he has started standing up to her and everyone else in the house..

    At 26, he doesn’t know his bearing and obviously we have been seeing signs of him wanting to inherit the houses my father built in the same compound.. (and we have noticed that my mum has been making him understand that every of the property belongs to him).

    The last straw which broke the camel’s back happened one week ago, my elder sister ( who is 9 year older than him) took advantage of the lockdown and visited my father, he is usually exited when we are around him whc helps his severe moodiness. There and then an argument broke out between my sister and my brother, she asked why my brother was insulting our mum for an action that happened in the compound, he beat my sister up and her three children and boasted that, the rest of us (my sister and I) dare not do anything and that by the way we must stop coming to the house, that if he sees any of us He will beat us up, My mum who was supposed to resolve the matter started blaming my sister, asking her why she always love to come visiting, that she’s supposed to be in her husband’s house or father in laws place and immediately called her hubby to come pick her.

    Its been one week my sister left for her house, my daddy who enjoyed her company when she was present started misbehaving again at home. He started roaming, he started cursing everyone.

    The reason I’m writing is this, my dad is no where to be found, he left the house yesterday Friday 15th May 2020 and was last seen in ITAMAGA IKORODU, we keep trying his number but he is not picking and now his number is switched off, I’m sure he is still wandering about.

    My sisters and I have decided that even when he is found(by God’s grace) we do not what him to go back living with my mum and brother.

    What other alternatives do we have to care for him, as his own siblings are not happy with him either for abandoning them and their mum (his own mum),, when they needed him the most..


    Modified….. My dad has been found today Sunday, 17th May 2020, my sweet mother (elder sister) found her, she has been on her feet since he went missing, luckily he was found but in a terrible state, I saw him via video calls and I wept, he can’t recognize even my sister again, and just muttering some words we don’t understand, he closes his eyes while saying this and asked everyone to go and leave him, he looks so faint and weak and would not leave where he his…My sister has called his siblings and she’s waiting for the next line of ACTION from them.

  • Abbey

    May 18, 2020 at 1:51 am

    Would have loved to move this to our homepage, but it was copied word for word from Nairaland with the link below:

    So I won’t be able to move same to our homepage on the basis that it’s a genuine request made by someone else who has possibly gotten the right opinion she seeks.

    Personally, I value ‘genuine’ topics like this, but copying them from external sources is a ‘No-No’ for me.

    In coming weeks, we will start to reward users with creative contents 750 cowries for every wonderful content that they create. This is to encourage genuine, creative contents on our site and not just some copy and paste from other websites.

    I hope you understand.

  • Edutainment

    June 6, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    so pull it down then mr poster

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