How to use Naira Naija

Using our website is as easy as A, B, C.

A: Register for an account and pay the registration fee of N1,500. We will confirm your account and then you can log in and start joining discussions around here.

B: Start or join any discussion you are interested in. Please see our forum rules to understand what we mean by civil discussions.

C: If you can, share your posts with families and friends to also join in the discussion.

Apart from the above listed ways with which you can use our forum and community, there are also other ways you can use this site to earn some revenue for yourself.

How to earn money with Nairanaija:

Earning money on our site is one of the easiest way on the interwebs. You can earn money on this site in two different ways:

  1. Through affiliate earnings: This simply means that you refer users to use our community. When you do this, you are entitled to earn 50% of your referrers payment. And not only this, we also reward you with 250 cowries for getting us a new user. (Note that the new user also gets 1,500 cowries for registering with us). You can make withdrawal for your affiliate immediately you meet the minimum threshold daily.
  2. Through Daily Activities Earnings: The Daily Activities Earnings; also known with its acronym; DAE, is another method you can use to earn on our site. With this earning model, we pay you for every activity you perform on our site; including logging in daily or visiting our site (50 cowries), comments (50 cowries), starting new posts (250 cowries), sharing sponsored contents (250 cowries), referring new users (250 cowries) and registering for a new account (1,500 cowries). Your cowries earnings get automatically credited into your account and is easily seen from your dashboard.

It should be noted that we run the most transparent platform of any online revenue program in Nigeria. This is because we want every of our user to understand how we work; including what we do and would never do. And as it stands, we have enjoyed our users’ trust and goodwill; and would never take anything for granted to keep delivering the right services we are known for.

If you have any issue about using this site, please send us a mail at, or our official support line (on WhatsApp). Alternatively, read through our FAQs to understand this site better.

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