Successful DAE Payment for Week 4

Hello all,

I am glad to inform you all that as at 12:30a.m; May 25th 2020, we have successfully paid ALL users who met up with the minimum withdrawal threshold of 15,000 cowries; except for two users who are yet to submit their account details to the site. The two users are @abigee and @nelson.


During payment, we had fourteen users who met up or exceeded the minimum threshold for payment, while six users exceeded the minimum threshold multiplied by two. One user had over 70,000 cowries balance as at payment time.

While our current payment structure only made provision for the minimum balance only to be paid out on a weekly basis, and provision being made for better remuneration/total payment package from next month, I was able to pay the minimum threshold while dividing the remaining excesses by two. However, I only deducted the amount equivalent of what was paid; meaning that your balances that exceeded the payment are still intact in your cowries wallet.


Going further, I am glad to inform you all that you do not need to request for withdrawal again as it is now automatic, like today’s own was. All users who reached the payment threshold will have their account balances updated from us, and we will have to pay everyone in full for their cowries worth. At the same time, the next withdrawal time/cowries conversion date will be the 25th of next month; although users who refer new members can request to be paid for the balances everyday. This measure is to help everyone become a better affiliate of our community, and at the same time, also give me a leverage based on the amount of monies being paid out weekly with very less money coming in. This measure will go a long way to make our community more profitable and enticing to prospective investors.

In essence, since our community started about four weeks ago, we have successfully paid out the total sum of N127,500 as DAE earnings to various users across our platform; excluding payment for affiliates, while realising the total sum of N49,500 from 33 registered users who made payment for registration. From this sum, we paid out another N24,750 to users who brought these paying registered users to our site through affiliate earnings. In one word, our income stood at N24,750 while our balance sheet at the same time stood at -N102,750. This means we (or shall I say I?) are very much lagging behind in terms of revenue generated; and we are in a very bad financial standing that currently scares everyone I have been in talks with. But this should not scare you: I already prepared for similar outcome and plans are being put in place to change the situation sooner, rather than later. By Friday, our payment spreadsheet would be shared with you all to vet all payments we have made since this community started, and also confirming all payments we have received too since we began. This is to let us maintain an open financial books with every member of this platform, and for you all to understand the matter at hand.

As it has always become the culture, I thank you all once again for your understanding and being part of our family here. If you can, please help us spread the word to your families and friends to join us. When they do, we will pay you heavily for it, and we will also be in very good financial standing unlike where we currently are where my personal investments are all going into making weekly payments to keep this community going.

Once again, thank you and happy surfing.

I remain,

Daniels, Abiodun Olumide.


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